Spring Boot Redis: Ultimate Guide to Redis Cache with Spring Boot 2

Since it has been a while since I wrote my article about ‘How We Made Our Spring Boot Applications More Robust with Redis Cache and Spring AOP‘, I now want to write the Ultimate Guide on getting started with Redis Cache and Spring Boot 2. During my last 2 years at work, I would say a lot of our current architecture is only possible by using Caching. At the center of this is Spring Boot together with Redis. In this Guide I want to give you the same powerful tools for your current and future Implementations. To give you a... [Read More]

Staying In Business as a Developer

This article will be mostly about personal advice on how to stay in the industry and keep your sanity while being happy. I want to summarize my ideas about this topics as the “Growing Developer Mindset”. So what makes a growing developer? We, as developers, often hear these horror stories about old developers just disappearing or younger ones replacing them. This is a like night to day difference in comparison to other industries. In other industries, the more senior people are supposed to show the younger ones the ropes. Why is this happening in IT? How can we avoid to... [Read More]

Five Stages of Grief

Letting Go of a Software Project

You might be aware of the Kübler-Ross model (known as five stages of grief). It is a model designed to postulate the progression of emotional states experienced by terminally ill patients after diagnosis. The five stages are chronologically: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance (source: Wikipedia). Today I don’t want to write about the original Kübler-Ross model, but an application of it on dying software projects. How are we dealing with dying software projects as developers? As software developers, we are often identifying ourselves with our work. As a result, we often suffer if things are not going right at... [Read More]

The Things more important than Code

There are Programmers living in ivory towers built from their own egos ruling over their systems. Technical solutions for the sake of technical solutions are not the things you should be building. Your code has to solve a problem. It is not beneficial to build a solution and start to look for matching problems. There is this saying: “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” – Maslow’s Hammer, Abraham Maslow So make sure you work hard at solving a problem and not building a “solution without a problem”. The Software Developer Your part in this,... [Read More]

Git Best Practices

Over the years I learned a lot about git. Most of the parts I learned the hard way by using it on a regular basis. Here I summarize a lot of the things which I would consider Git Best Practices for using git in a team. Use the force Luke – use the CLI At least give it a real try! Like the young Skywalker you at least once should limit yourself to the bare minimals. Use the force Luke – let go! Over the years I got used to the terminal interface of git in a way that all... [Read More]