Random Number Generation with Java

Random Numbers are really important. Without them there would be no Internet how we know it! This article will explain in detail how generating Random Numbers in Java works. It will introduce different technics to create Random Numbers and also cover different scenarios with ready-to-use code. Let’s first start with the basics. Generating Random Numbers with Java: Java provides at least fours ways of properly creating random numbers. 1. Using Math.random Method The most basic way of generating Random Numbers in Java is to use the Math.random() method. It doesn’t take any parameter and simply returns a number which is... [Read More]
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Jumping Ship for Career Progression.

Having a look at my LinkedIn Network, I realized there are a few ways of growing your Software Engineering Career. I am trying to keep my personal opinion out of the middle part and only get involved in the end of the article. Working for a Single Company There are plenty of people who only have worked for a single company. Maybe my network is a bit biased, since it contains a lot of people who not have finished their first 5 years. Most of them stayed in the same role or added/removed a prefix from their title (e.g. Senior,... [Read More]

You are not Google. You are not Netflix.

You are also not Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or one of several other big tech companies I could mention here. If I have excluded anybody reading this - I am sorry.Maybe you will still enjoy the read. For everyone else: This article is probably for you. To give you all some context: I am a Backend Engineer on a team that is developing an iOS/Android App which is live in around 40 countries. Currently, we are only responsible for the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) region. Why am I even writing this? I am trying to digest... [Read More]

Monolith vs Microservices

Over the years I read a lot of articles and stories about the differences between Microservices Architectures and Monolithic Architecture (Monoliths). Today I am about to tell you my own version. What is a Monolith i.e. a monolithic architecture? A monolithic application, let’s call it a Monolith, is an application delivered via a single deployment unit. Examples could be an application delivered as single WAR or a Node application with a single entrypoint. Example: Let’s make an example: A classic online shop. Our business boundaries are ORDERS, ITEMS, CUSTOMERS, SHIPPING and PAYMENT. Provided ways of interacting with the service are:... [Read More]

8 Lessons learned starting a Developer Blog

1. Find your purpose What is your reason to start a blog? Did you read on Reddit, Hackernews or another site that you need one as developer in order to be relevant? Are blogging developers getting paid better? Or do you want to showcase your latest work somwhere? Another thing you can do on a personal blog is to build an audience and get into selling courses or guides. Whatever it is - be aware of it and act accordingly. You want to build tutorials? Cool - write good ones and publish them. You want to build a portfolio of... [Read More]
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