Hi I’m Marcus Eisele, the guy behind Programmer Friend.

I created Programmer Friend because I often saw myself talking with other programmers about common Programming Career topics and thought it would be valuable to share it with all of you.

My journey

During my journey aas a Software Engineer I realized that everyday at work is a really good opportunity to learn something. In fact I often learn directly from fellow programmers. Often, this one single thing took some time to figure out – and I just get it for free. Due to this accumulated new knowledge which you passively gain over time, you are able to do things which were not possible before.

I really like the image of “Standing on the shoulders of Giants”. This is how I feel sometimes and this is how I think growing is supposed to be.

New future breakthroughs are only happening because more and more things which were hard to do are now really easy. To illustrate this take Webservers as an example: The first release of a Webserver was in 1990, if you compare this effort to the effort it needs today to setup a Webserver, you realize what kind of difference almost 30 years of experience can make. We all profit from this experience.

Programmer Friend wants to be such a Giant on whose shoulders programmers can stand. Here we will talk about the general Programming Career, Development of People Skills and also about Technologies. So it might be quite possible that you encounter articles about “how to move between jobs” sitting at the side of an article about the fanciest keyboard ever built.

Programmer Friend is your partner in your Programming Career.